I'm a consultant who likes to help leaders, groups and organisations. These situations arise from disconfirming information–symptoms pointing to deeper problems–that potentially plague performance and cause misconceptions on what action to take.

I've helped leaders and groups discover how their internal relationships to each other helps or hinders performance and how understanding the external relationship to the customer can repurpose strategies and put in place more meaningful measures.

My experience has always focused somewhere between Technology and Business, starting out as a Banking Officer in the late 1980's then as Developer Lead (Java) by the dot com boom, I moved to Sydney and worked for Tyro Payments (Java, Ruby) for many years until settling in ThoughtWorks Australia (now Melbourne based).

I have a keen interest in the theories and methods behind change in human systems. I study the work of Edgar H. Schein, Chris Argyris, W. Edward Deming, John Seddon, the psychoanalytic community and many more to decipher, translate and assist in humane interventions between leaders, teams and team members. This is complemented with the application of Jobs-to-be-done methods as a way to understand the relationship between customers and organisations to find opportunities to improve.

I can say now I'm a serial meet-up organiser, having recently started my second meet up in Melbourne #JTBD Melbourne, prior to this I kicked off an ran Agile-Perth in it's first few years. I've presented at Agile Australia, various meet-ups, Product CampLAST Conference.