Drained of Meaning

There appears to be words that get popularised, shafted, mash, bash and twisted with the times. Right now these come to mind–Agile, Digital, Innovation and Disruption–all within, I figure, the last five years. I don't really know what causes these words to become popular, is it something to do with our desirous of new possessions? But the problem with this is these words originally had precise meaning and have been around a long time, they were not new and derivate from Latin.

  It is probably unfair to just focus on the word, these words are combined in phrases and used as tag lines throughout the Internet. Maybe it's the advent of socialising more via the Internet with the likes of–Twitter, Tweet, Snapchat, Facebook, Tumblr and many more. Ah Twitter now that word makes sense. I remember asking myself the question, what is Twitter and a Tweet? I went and found out and those names mean exactly what they are for now. But–Agile, Digital, Innovation and Disruption–are vague and mushy to me, I need to visit my local therapist to be sure I am thinking straight, they have become drained of meaning.

Just exactly what is a Digital Disruptive Agile Innovation? Is any of this really new?