JIRA Dominates

Perth is a JIRA town. 100+ respondents told us so. But rather than answer a question all this does is raise a new one of why?

The problem with surveys is they’re like photographs. A snapshot in time filled with the detail of a moment but with only a hint of the story behind it. To understand how this moment came to be we need to go back to the people present at the time.

But often one recollection is not enough. We're human. We have opinions. We don't all see things the same way.

Picture this situation; I'm an agile guy and we are on the same team and you say, "We should be using Pivotal Tracker?", and I respond back with "So what problems are you trying to solve exactly? Because the other day over coffee Mary said JIRA rocks and Bob was adamant we don't need a tool!......Now I'm confused :-s"

There are forces at play behind the opinions, a push to use a tool and a pull to the attractiveness of a solution. But there are also these opposing forces holding us back - an anxiety of sorts - we don't want to change the way we work but we might have to if we use a software tool.

These are the forces we need to understand to uncover the jobs we're really trying to get done. And that is the aim of our research.

We would like to thank everyone for their contributions so far, but we're not stopping here. Now we need to hear your stories and next week we start our series of interviews with those that have nominated to talk.

Marc & Tim pairing