We're back and the results are taking shape

After a month or so snowed under by our real jobs we're now back on the survey trail. That month snowed under was also a month to spend some time talking about what we'd learnt so far and what it meant for us and the survey. The good news for you is that Marc and I decided to hold nothing back and let you in on all we've learnt and all we're thinking.


And that learning and thinking is starting to take shape. We've knocked off a few more interviews over the past weeks and although they've all been very different we've seen several common themes emerge. It's feeling like there's going to be some interesting stuff to present. 

One of the things interviewees have been surprised to learn is the angle we're taking in interviews. Rather than the standard "what's your favorite tool?" type questions we've instead been trying to uncover answers to questions like "why that tool?", "what effect did it have on you, your team and stakeholders?" and "how did it aid or impede your agile journey?".

Taking this line has allowed us to form what we think are some unique insights into the issues surrounding the current range of tools. We'd like to think these issues are solvable though some are admittedly very challenging. Not only to agile tools but to software tools in general.

Of course for the details of those challenges you'll need to wait for the results. Marc's flying in to Perth mid November to spend the weekend with me putting this all together. Once that's done we'll let you know what form the report will take and set a date and place for the presentation.

Until then things may go quite again for a while. Don't want to let the cat out of the bag too early!