When "some other dude" buys your agile tool

Back again. We've started our interviews and wanted to briefly mention one of the trends already emerging. The trend was recently coined "Big Hire, Little Hire" by the folk at JTBD. It happens when "some other dude" buys your tool for you.

Stories to date suggest this occurs when we have teams and individuals practicing agile within large organisations. The teams have a clear understanding of their need and could no doubt make good buying decisions but working in a large organization find they lack the power to make or even influence the buy.

It's really interesting to hear who actually decides the tool to purchase in these cases. You would think the agile team that wants a software tool would make the decision. And in a smaller organisation we think this is probably true. However in large organisations you have competing interests from groups such as finance and the PMO and the decisions that result are interesting from afar and no doubt maddening from within .

This is what we'd call the "Big Hire" by the finance group and the "Little Hire" by the agile team. 

Peppering of these stories are emerging from our interviews and to see it raised at JTBD last week tells us the problem is not just limited to agile tools.